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If you or a loved one are faced with a serious dog bite injury in Grand Rapids or West Michigan, it is extremely important to contact the Grand Rapids Dog Bite Attorneys at Krupp Law Offices PC. We can answer your questions about dog bite claims in Grand Rapids. We work only on a contingency fee basis and do not get paid unless you recover for your dog bite injuries.

Dog Bite Statistics and Information

Dogs bite approximately 4.7 million Americans every year and about 800,000 dog bite victims require medical attention. Each year, one out of every six of the dog bite victims has to seek medical care because of an attack. Almost half of all dog bite victims are children. A dog bite can be a traumatic event that results in serious injury especially for children. Vicious dog attacks cause numerous severe injuries and death every year. Often a dog bite will result in permanent scarring, nerve damage, and a significant risk of infection. Many times, there is psychological harm that lasts well beyond the physical injury.

When Should I Contact a Grand Rapids Dog Bite Attorney at Krupp Law?

Contact us immediately when you are injured by a dog attack or just a serious dog bite. You need to know your rights when explaining your dog bite injury to the insurance company. The only defense to a dog bite is provocation. The adjuster will try to get you to say that you did something to provoke the dog, even if it is unintentional. Dog bite insurance adjusters and attorneys are working for the owner of the dog that bit you to eliminate your claim. They will offer you nothing or next to nothing and even pretend to be acting for you when they are not. You need the Grand Rapids dog bite attorneys of Krupp Law Offices PC representing your interests to ensure that you are justly and fairly compensated. Call us now and speak with a dog bite attorney from Krupp Law that can explain your rights and benefits under the Michigan Dog Bite Statute.  CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 616-459-6636.

How Do I Pay a Dog Bite Attorney? – No Fee Until You Get Paid

Dog bite attorneys, like other personal injury attorneys,  work on a percentage of recovery on dog bite claims.  At Krupp law Offices you pay nothing until you receive a settlement.  After we get you a settlement we will receive 1/3 of the net amount for our work.  We fully explain your fees and put it in writing!

How Do I Start My Dog Bite Case?

It is beneficial to have the assistance of a dog bite attorney to help you with your claim. At Krupp Law Offices P.C., a Grand Rapids dog bite attorney will evaluate a claim for free to determine whether you’re entitled to compensation. Call us for a free dog bite analysis today.

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Dog Bite Claims Generally

Dogs bite approximately 4.7 million Americans every year and about 800,000 dog bite victims require medical attention.  Each year, one out of every six of the dog bite victims has to seek...

Dog Leash Laws

If a dog is off of a leash, it is a violation of the law and there is a presumption that the owner is negligent and liable for the dog that bites or attacks.  The dog leash law is as...

Dog Bite Compensation

If you or a loved one is a victim of a dog bite, you should be compensated for your injuries. The compensation can include pain and suffering, payment of medical bills, lost wages, and other...

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers to all of your dog bite questions.

How Much Does A Dog Bite Lawyer Cost?

The dog bite attorneys at Krupp Law charge nothing until your case is settled.  Call us and speak with an attorney immediately.  We will explain...

What Do I Do If I Get Bit By A Dog?

I you are bite by a dog, you should take immediate action.  You should do the following:  (1) Get medical attention if you are severely...

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Yes, typically homeowners or renters insurance covers dog bite claims.  The owner of the dog typically does not pay a dog bite claim.  Their...

How Do I Sue For A Dog Bite?

Suing for a dog bite injury is simple.  Just contact Krupp Law Offices.  You will immediately be connected with a dog bite attorney who will...

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George Krupp was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was admitted to practice law in 1961 and started practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1962 in the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office. After years of success in the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, George Krupp left for private practice where he has worked for over fifty years. As a former Kent County Assistant Prosecutor in Grand Rapids, George Krupp has used his skills to represent thousands of clients in serious legal matters.
When you need a Grand Rapids Dog Bite Attorney, remember to call Krupp Law Offices PC for fast honest advice about your dog bite claim and get honest advice about your options. Krupp Law Offices represents clients in cases throughout West Michigan, including the cities of Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Ionia, Grand Haven, Stanton, Greenville, Wayland, Allegan, Holland, Newaygo, White Cloud, Fremont, Coopersville, Middleville, Wyoming, and Rockford, including Kent County, Ottawa County, Newaygo County, Ionia County, Mecosta County, Barry County, Montcalm County, and Allegan County, Michigan.
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Christian G Krupp II was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Chris attended Michigan State University and graduated in 1988. He attended Thomas M. Cooley Law School where he was a member of law review and one of the few students that had his law review article published. Christian Krupp graduated from law school with honors in the top ten percent of his class. His legal career started and Dykema Gossett, Michigan’s largest law firm. While at Dykema, he was involved in a diverse practice groups including the corporate, finance, and legislative areas. After leaving Dykema, Christian Krupp joined the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. While at the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Christian Krupp gained valuable trial experience. He prosecuted many major felonies including Dog Bite Sexual Conduct, and Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine. After leaving the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Christian Krupp formed Krupp Law Offices PC in 1992 where he has been practicing law for over 28 years. He has also tried a number of civil and criminal matters before judges and juries.

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When you need a Grand Rapids Dog Bite Attorney, remember to call Krupp Law Offices PC for fast honest advice about your Dog Bite claim and get honest advice about your options.


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